Spring in New York City

Hi, I just want to inform you that I will be posting less frequently.  My computer recently died on me and I have no clue what had happened.  Hopefully one day when I have time I'll try to get it fix. Also there's a family emergency I have to attend to.  I'm so glad that the weather has gotten warmer. Here's some glimpse of my day in New York City. While I was walking around Chinatown, I saw this amazing graffiti artwork working in progress.  It's a sketch of a girl in her deep thought moment. Things I enjoy eating so far are a lot of sweets and carbs. I got these adorable piggies bun from a dim sum place and it taste really good. I've been very lazy with my exercise routine and hopefully I'll resume to it soon.  I signed up for total of 3 races and I really need to start training.  Been addicted to this Lavender and Green Tea soft ice cream at Cha Cha Matcha, it's light and so creamy.  Another addiction are poke bowls, I ordered this Blue Tuna poke bowl the other and just devoured in few minutes.  Anyway, I help you enjoy the wonderful spring weather and hopefully I could resolve what exactly happen to my computer soon.  Happy Spring!

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