Osteria Morini

I recently got an opportunity to try out an Italian Restaurant called Osteria Morini.  It's been hard juggling with two kids and being home bound this was a rewarding opportunity I had.  My first appetizer that I ordered is the Polpettine - prosciutto & mortadella meatballs baked in tomato sauce.  I really like how soft this meatball was and how each bite infused with so much juice and with a hint of panko in this meatballs.  The main dish I ordered was TORCIA - squid ink pasta, shrimp & seppia ragù, which was okay wasn't really expecting the type of pasta that they used.  I would preferably that they used linguine instead.  

TORCIA - squid ink pasta, shrimp & seppia ragù
As for my friend she ordered the GRAMIGNA - macaroni, chicken ragù, roasted figs, escarole, I personally like her dish more than mine.  I can tasted the roasted figs, it was very sweet and the pasta was more intriguing because it wasn't macaroni that was served. 
GRAMIGNA - macaroni, chicken ragù, roasted figs, escarole
I really enjoy trying this new Italian place and hopefully I'll get more opportunity to do many more restaurant reviews. 

Osteria Morini • Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012 • Telephone: 212.965.8777 

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