Obessed with Plaid

Since the weather is turning cooler and Winter is going to arrive around the corner, I decided to do some sweater shopping.  I've been obsessed on getting plaid items to add to my wardrobe collection.  In my previous post I've been getting a lot of floral outfits, but now I decided to add more black into my wardrobe to balance out with the season.  I got these two sweaters from modcloth.com, I can't wait to wear these out and since the holiday is around the corner it'll be nice to dress up for fun for a bit.  Also recently I've been watching my Korean drama and I've been really noticing that some actress and actors have been sporting plaid sweaters a lot on the show. 

The outfits that I got:
Newsroom Savvy Sweater to my surprise this sweater is sold out, hopefully it will be in stock again
Knit's All Good Sweater

What kind of sweaters do you like during the winter season?

Disclosure:  I'm not affiliated with this company, all of the items that was listed was purchased on my own.

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NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum Giveaway

NeoStrata is giving away a full size Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum (a $78 value!) to 25 lucky winners. US only please.  

NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum protects skin from future signs of aging and is formulated with 8 powerful multi-action antioxidants designed to combat oxidative damage. The potent combination of Citric Acid and Lilac, Green Tea and Chardonnay Grape Seed Extracts works together to neutralize five different types of free radicals and helps preserve healthy DNA, lipids and cellular membranes. In addition, this super potent source of EGCG Green Tea Extract protects against inflammatory mediators in the skin.

Good Luck! 

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Memebox - Korean Beauty Starter Kit for Dry Skin

I'm very excited to try my first Memebox - Korean Beauty Starter Kit for Dry Skin.  I really like that you are not obligated to do a monthly subscription at all.  You simply pick a box that you want and you'll know what each items are contain in the box.  Each item contains a full size product with description and the pricing, so next time you have a general idea how much this product is if you want to repurchase it.  I chose this box because I notice that my face can get easily dry especially during the winter time.

The products that came in this box are: 

Etude House Pure Water Baobab Cleansing Foam Full-Size 150ml ($10)
This mild cleansing foam is formulated with plant ingredients that provide moisture. It contains 8.9% baobab water which is known for having a high moisture content. The foam removes dirt and other impurities. It leaves the skin feeling moisturizing and is not drying.
Directions: Apply to previously moistened skin and create a lather. Gently massage onto skin and remove dirt and makeup. Rinse off once skin is clean.

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Emulsion Full-Size 130ml ($28)
A hydrating & nutritive facial emulsion features a mild, fresh & non-sticky texture. This emulsion balances moisture levels and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. The ceramide helps lock in and retain moisture to treat and prevent dry skin. Make dry and uncomfortable skin a thing of the past by introducing this product geared towards your skin sensitivities.
Directions: Apply appropriate amount to cleansed and toned skin. Tap gently for optimal absorption.

Enprani Enprani Dear By Bounce Cheese Cream Full-Size 75ml ($28)
This highly moisturizing cream is formulated with the protein found in cheese: whey. Whey helps to hydrate and strengthen the skin. Also formulated with vitamins A, B and E for added skin nourishment. Your skin will love the intense hydration and anti-aging properties in this interesting product.
Directions: After using an emulsion and/or ampoule, apply cream to face evenly.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack Full-Size 100ml ($21.50)
This sleeping pack regenerates, moisturizes and balances the skin while you sleep. It features pumpkin extract to deliver nourishment to tired skin. Pumpkin has skin nutritive properties like Vitamin A and beta-Carotene, as well as light peeling properties to remove dead skin cell buildup.
Directions: Apply at last step of skincare and leave on skin overnight. Wash off in the morning.

When I first opened my box, each of the products are assembled neatly.  I really like the color and design of the box.  I hope in the long run I will be purchasing more of their products.  So far I've used only 3 products out of 5 that was sent. I really like the products that I got and I enjoy using them so far. The price for the box that I got was retail at $33.15.  Hope you will try this as well. 


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