Sana Pore Putty BB Cream Review

I have to say I haven't really jumped into the Asian BB cream bandwagon faze as of yet.  Typically I think it's harder for me to find the right BB cream that I can stick to.  The downsize of Asian BB cream is that it doesn't come in a lot of shades.  The only shades I have come across is grey and fair shades and nothing in between.  I'm in between a light medium to medium shade.   I brought this Sana Pore Putty BB cream a few months ago.  I heard it's a number #1 bb cream in Japan and it doesn't have a grey shade to it.  I personally hate bb cream that has grey shades; making me look pale is not my thing.  I used for a bit and at first I do like the coverage, it really does minimize your pores for a good few hours but by the end of the day my face feel dry and cakey.  Also this tube is not travel friendly.  I put this BB cream in my makeup bag just in case I need to touch up by mid-day and when I open my makeup bag the cream has leaked some out.  The cap is not tight at all so you have to consider just using this before heading out.  Overall it's not a bad bb cream and I brought this at an Asian Beauty supply store called oo35mm in Chinatown for $25.00

My Trip to Paris and Tips

My trip to Paris was a wish come true, unfortunately it was a short 4 days trip, so I had to make my good 4 days worth while I was there. Upon our first day awhile we immediately checked in our hotel and rested an hour then headed to the Eiffel Tower.  I was beyond thrill of looking at this beautiful  structure and awing at the same time.  Sitting near by the structure just viewing this beautiful scenic area was just a joyous moment.

For those who are a first time traveler it will be a bit difficult to get by if you don't speak a slick of French.  There were some generous people who helped us and knows how to speak English to guide us where we needed to be.  The streets is a bit confusing and you can get easily lost even following the map is a bit complicated cause the streets zig zags.  I took a few week course of French so I only know the very basic just to get by during those 4 days.

Chateau Of Versailles  
The palace was breathtaking and it's huge.  I love that it has a lot of historic history of this during the French Revolution war how the left-wing political groups and peasants try to over throw the King and Queen out. Each rooms were fill with high end furniture, paintings, chandeliers etcThe palace can take days to finish exploring and unfortunately I didn't get my opportunity to visit Marie Antoinette Chateau.  

  1. Bring a tour guide book - (we completely forgot ours cause I was rushing getting packed at the last minute)
  2. In Paris they don't have Siesta - so your good to have lunch at any time
  3. Sundays -  A lot of places like restaurants, groceries shops and major shopping stores are closed.  I advise you to stock up on food or just eat at your hotel if you can.  I suggest you not to shop for anything on Sunday cause you will be out of luck.
  4. Dress causal and comfortable, people in France lives very simple.  Bring a sneaker if you are going to walk a lot.  Some streets can turn into cobblestones.  Heel and cobblestones are very unconformable to walk in. 
  5. Metro - get a 10 ticket pass instead of individual passes.  This helps you save than purchasing individual passes. 
  6. Plan out ahead for the day.  As for restaurants you would like to dine in requires a month ahead reservation.
I had a great time in Paris and hope to go there again in the future.  I hope that some of these tips are helpful to you. 

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