Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 to my blogger readers!  I can't believe that another year has passed and personally there's not much I want to reflect on.   I had my up and down moments and realized that I can't force myself to be something I am not.  I learned that it's important to love myself first in order to spread loves to others.  I learned to love myself and treat myself to certain things that I want and not to hold back by not looking in the past.  For this year I will continue to love myself more and do more things that I like to do.  I want to follow my heart.  I don't plan to have a set of goals or resolution but I will continue to do the things I like.  The things that I want to focus on like going to the gym more, eating more healthier and live a healthier lifestyle.  These are some of the things I want to do and live a simple lifestyle.  I'm also excited for my upcoming trip to Paris.  I've been wanting to go to Paris for a long time and now my husband made it a true come true for me. I want to see and travel more places and learn to be positive at the same time.  Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous, and a healthy start of 2013 start.  I hope your goals and dreams will be fulfill with many good memories this coming year.

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