Karaage - Japanese Fried Chicken

I always love to cook and try something out new. I want my family to enjoy my cooking more and I know how my husband love fried chicken. So recently I decided to make Karaage, Japanese Fried Chicken. I used chicken thighs with skin on it, cause it taste better in one of the tutorial I followed the recipe. It turned out okay and it was pretty good. I need to add more flavor into the chicken in order for the flavor stand out. The only thing I didn't use in this recipe was sake, probably because of that the flavor of the chicken didn't stand out when I was eating it. Here's a pic of my Karaage. I normally love to eat this, but when I always ordered this dish it's a bit spicy for my liking and this dish can be a bit pricey.

Embracing inner beauty part II

I posted this before about embracing your inner beauty.  I wanted to start off that embracing your inner beauty doesn't mean you have to be physically pretty and attractive on the outside.  Your inner beauty and your personality is more and most significantly important than what appears on the outside.  When I was younger I always judge the covers of the book instead of the content.  I realized that the covers and illustration doesn't do much if the content doesn't have a good story line to it and it's the same when applying to a person.  I hope my analogy gives your a better perspective of embracing your inner beauty.

I also do find that makeups are essential in my daily life, because as I age older; I don't appear graceful when I was in my 20s.  My daily makeup routine is very minimal and simple in helping me to look fresh and clean.  Here's a pic of me without any makeup on at all.  Some say I age gracefully and some say I look old, but either way I don't really care what people say as long I know that I'm happy and healthy that's all it matters.  Remember to embrace your inner beauty and love yourself for who you are.

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 to my blogger readers!  I can't believe that another year has passed and personally there's not much I want to reflect on.   I had my up and down moments and realized that I can't force myself to be something I am not.  I learned that it's important to love myself first in order to spread loves to others.  I learned to love myself and treat myself to certain things that I want and not to hold back by not looking in the past.  For this year I will continue to love myself more and do more things that I like to do.  I want to follow my heart.  I don't plan to have a set of goals or resolution but I will continue to do the things I like.  The things that I want to focus on like going to the gym more, eating more healthier and live a healthier lifestyle.  These are some of the things I want to do and live a simple lifestyle.  I'm also excited for my upcoming trip to Paris.  I've been wanting to go to Paris for a long time and now my husband made it a true come true for me. I want to see and travel more places and learn to be positive at the same time.  Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous, and a healthy start of 2013 start.  I hope your goals and dreams will be fulfill with many good memories this coming year.

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