My first attempt on Macarons

I've been sluggish and lack of post these days.  Again for the million times I will try to come up with more beauty related post.  Recently I had the urge to try to make Macaroons or Macarons, a French type of cookies that has filling in it.  I really like these colorful and adorable cookies, it goes well with a nice cup of coffee or tea.  Here's my first attempt, not perfect and it came out cracked but it taste pretty good.  I heard that it has to do with science of the egg whites and also patience takes time in order making this cookie perfect. Here's some pics I took.  I used a red food coloring and add a little drop of it making it pastel pink. Anyway I hope to try this out again.  

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My trip to Chicago

I know summer went by a breeze and now it's time to get back to my regular schedule.  My regular schedule consist of taking care of my daughter, running errands, etc.  I know for sure I will miss my summer days.  I had a great summer with my family, we traveled a bit during our summer break.  We went on a Disney Cruise, went to a friend's place where she had a private beach and our last trip was to Chicago.   I had a pretty good time in Chicago and took a lot of pictures.  Here's some pics of me posing in from of the Cloud Gate at that Millennium Park:

This is one of my OFOTD (outfit of the day) that I got at a great bargain at

Anyway hope to blog more in the long run. 

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