COVERGIRL + OLAY Foundation and Pressed Powder

Recently I joined Bzzagent Campaign and they sent me a COVERGIRL AND OLAY kit to try this out. COVERGIRL has joined forces with OLAY to combine a foundation and pressed powder to provide coverage for ageless and radiant looking skin.  It's like two in one package, which benefits me since I see some age spots and discoloration appearing on my face. I rarely buy drugstore foundation, because I have a hard time of finding the correct shade and drugstore doesn't provide a test sampling at all. With this foundation I hope this helps me reduce my signs of my discolorations and age spots.  I decided to put this foundation and pressed powder to the test and here's the final result of a fresh and radiant looking skin. Majority of the other products that I used for this look are from drugstore brand.  I did the less is more look and the only new thing that I tried is putting falsies on which was an epic fail.  I had a hard time making the glue stick to my eyelids.  I used one pumps to cover my face and used concealer to cover up some blemishes and used the pressed powder on top of it.  The foundation is retailing for $13.99.   Hope this new product review is informative and what do you think of these products.  Have you tried it before?

Disclaimer: I received these products to test for free through the bzzagent campaign.

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My Fashion Sense Part II

Here's the second post I will be posting some pictures of the recent purchase I got at I have to say I'm very please with my purchase.  Here's a pic of me wearing it at the beach and I have to say it's super comfortable.  This dress is loose fitting and it's not tight at all, but I want to indicated that the top fits me just perfectly.  There's barely any room on the top and this material of the top doesn't stretch.  Anyone with a bigger bust size will be a bit tight I think, but please read the reviews at their site.  I read some reviews with bigger bust and that it fits them perfectly.  I like the dress material it's super soft.  This dress is made to be 100% polyester and the dress hit above my knee, which is perfect for me since I'm 4'11.  Pretty casual type of dress for a nice outing or you can pair it up with a nice cardigan to a wedding reception or a special event. 

The dress that I got is called Here's Lupine At You Dress - $49.99

This is not a paid advertorial, I purchased this dress at my own expense.

I'm spreading the love and offering $10 dollars off your first order of $50 and up: 

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My Fashion Sense + Big Breast Problem

Besides shopping for makeups, I personally love to shop for clothes as well but it's hard for me to shop because my bust is big.  My bust has been a problem to my shopping.  I can't find nice and pretty tops that fits perfectly for me.  I want to find something that has nice designs and also provides good materials and that it is affordable as well.  I like to try to style up myself and looking chic as well.  I know I'm not a great stylish person when it comes to fashion sense.  I have no patience when it comes to shopping because of my bust issue.  Being a 38D left me hopeless and frustrated in finding decent clothes.

Here's are some bad example experience when I shopped at some store like H&M -  I typically shop at H&M but I personally don't like their UK sizing cause some tops and dresses runs pretty small.  The only largest that I see is a size 12 and sometimes a size 12 is so hard to squeeze into.  I'm not criticizing that H&M is bad, but some prettier clothing is more harder for a big bust gal like me to fit into and I feel discouraged that there aren't many selections to try on.

Second example of another store that I tend to shop at is anthropologie.  I generally love shopping at this store, because of the their vintage style clothing they offer. Unfortunately their clothing isn't affordable and their sizing feels a bit off from my personal experience.  From my personal experience I tend to shop on sale items only and finding sale items in my size is even much harder.  I basically gave up my passion shopping at anthropologie these days. 

I recently found a new site online store called - no one ever told me about this site.  Just one random boring day I decided to click on an advertorial link and saw a lot of pretty vintage style dresses and the pricing was just affordable. I can't stress enough how much I love vintage stuff, because of the pretty and flowery patterns that this site offers.  My out fit experience to be continue on my next post...

I'm spreading the love and offering $10 dollars off your first order of $50 and up:

Do you generally have a hard time finding the right clothes like me having a bigger bust?  Please do share your shopping experience.  I would like to know!

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All about hair - Part III

So recently I got a hair cut, I decided to cut my hair shorter this time.  I haven't had a hair cut for almost a year after I did my digital perm a year ago.  My hair was just too long and it was getting pretty heavy and additionally there was no more style to it.  I'm glad I attempted to cut my hair, which is so much easier for me to manage now.  I also realized that my hair was very frizzy and dry and I needed to restore my hair back.  I recently got an opportunity to try this new hair products called nuNaat Brazillan Keratin.  

About NuNAAT,  NuNaat is an online company that specialize in hair care products.  Their slogan is - "All you hair can be"  I never heard of this company before until this company contacted me.  Their main key in these products provide fine and natural ingredients that isn't harsh on your hair.  Their ingredients contain of nuts, berries, fruits and plants.  I got the opportunity to try out the Brazilian Naat Keratin collection line and I have been trying this almost 3 days now after my hair cut. I remember in college when I took biology, my professor said that Keratin is really good for your hair.  Keratin is a strong type of protein that helps you restores in skins, hair and nails that regenerate new cells.

After washing my hair, I feel my hair is getting restore because keratin is the main component ingredient of having my hair looking smoother and shiner. I really enjoy using their shampoo and conditioner because of the natural ingredients that contains in this collection line.  Currently they do not sell their products on their website, their products can be found through variety of retailer which includes Walgreen, Walmart, Sally Beauty Supplies, and

Hope this post is informative and hope you'll try out these hair care product line.

Disclaimer:  nuNaat kindly sent me their samples for me to try and share my thoughts with my readers. 

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