Minerals Mate Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Minerals Mate. I just want to let you know how easy to use this palette. It's very hygienic and easy to clean after you use this palette each time. I highly recommend for those who use minerals or loose powder a lot, this is a perfect mixing tray for you. Do you ever get tired of double dipping? Are there times there were mineral spillage? Yes I hate spilling my loose eyeshadows. There was one incident that I accidentally spilled my beloved shadow that I got from a dear friend from mine. This works well for those who are also a makeup artist, helps makeups clean from other contacts. Not only that you could use this for minerals, you can certainly use for liquids as well. In this mixing tray I received a tray with 7 mixing application that includes 7 full set of caps to store leftover.

This mixing tray helps prevent:
  • less mess and more room
  • avoid from double dipping
  • store “leftover” hygienically
  • have less makeup waste
This mixing tray is retail for $19.95 at minerals mate

Disclaimer:  Mineral Mate kindly sent me a mixing tray for me to try and share my thoughts with my readers.   

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Another Naruko Review

I notice that my Naruko Review has been a top search engine through google.  So I have decided to do another review of my Naruko haul.  I have to admit I have been extremely lazy on my skin care routine and notice I have been breaking out around my chin area. Having zits around my chin area is the most excruciating pain that I went through for the past few weeks.   In one of my old post I explained what causes pimples to pop out around certain areas.

My zone area are caused by:
Zone 12
Chin breakouts are regulated by hormones and tend to freak out before and after your period. 
Zones 11 & 13
Corners of the mouth
The corners of your mouth connect to the ovaries, and often break out during menstruation.
I realized that I have finished my Acne Clay Cleanser and I wanted something to soothe that area.  I decided it was time to stock up on my skin clear regimes.  Plus I had 15% off from imomoko.com during Memorial Weekend. I decided it was worth of stocking up on some stuff to try out.  When I first saw the Acne Clay Cleanser, I realized that this cleanser got repackaged with a newer design.  The cleanser itself and the formula of is still the same. This will be my second time re-using this and I can't emphasized how much I personally like using this cleanser.

Have you ever try this line and what is your personal thoughts?

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