My blush

Since spring is here I normally like to focus on putting on blush.  I really like shopping for blushes more than other makeups during spring. I personally believe that it brightens up your face.  Also it gives you a fresh and a healthy glow after you apply blush to your cheeks.  I read an interesting article from Health magazine stating that Peach is a hit color blush and that it helps you wake up your cheeks.  Choosing a blush can be difficult, but here's a some rules of thumbs when finding a perfect blush shade for you.  When looking for a particular blush it's okay to have a hint of shimmer in it.  Many women believe that shimmer is too young, but it's not true.  With shimmer in it, your cheeks appear more fuller and prettier.  Another tip when looking for a blush try focusing of getting powder instead of cream blush.  Especially if you have large pores it can irritates your skin easily when applying cream blush.  I personally stay away from cream blush, from my personal experience I had a bad reaction to cream blushes.  Also I had large pores and it irritated my cheeks even more.  Here are some of my main blushes I'm currently using for spring.

I'm currently using my Jill Stuart blush that I recently won from a giveaway. So far I enjoy using my Jill Stuart blush, it gives me a nice subtle pink.  There is no a hint of peach in it, it's more on the pink side, like bubble gum pink.  The pigmentation for this is very light which is a lack in that area.  The only upside is that the packaging is so pretty it makes me feel like a princess.  It comes in a pretty silver compact and with a hooked on blush brush.

Paul and Joe - This is my personal fave, it has a hint of shimmer in this and gives me a nice dewy glow after applying this blush.  Could be in the peachy side when the two shades are mixed together. This blush for this is pretty good because it has a lot of pigmentations.

NYX Peach - love this and one of my favorite blush of all.  It has strong pigmentations it's pretty cheap for a good quality blush that holds throughout the day.

Hope you enjoy my blush reviews.  What kind of blush do you like? Please let me know by commenting below.

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Influenster - Love VoxBox

Recently I signed up this program called Influenster and what you have to do is you'll fill up some surveys and unlock badges. The more badges you unlock the more chances of you getting match with a monthly VoxBox.

I just recently received mine and in the box contains

•Gillette Venus & Olay Razor
•Kiss Nail Dress - Fashion That Sticks
•Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler
•Ghirardelli Gourment Milk Creamy Devotion Bar
•Truvia Natural Sweetener

I have already tried the razor, Stash Tea and I have to say so far so good and I can't wait to receive more of these box in the future. If you haven't sign up for an account go and check it out, it's worth the time in receiving free goodies.

Disclaimer: I received these products to test for free through the Influenster VoxBox program.

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My Jill Stuart Prizes

My Jill Stuart Prizes that I won from Fable in Fashion via youtube.  I've been dedicated reading her blog first when she first started and then she decided to do videos on youtube as well.  I really enjoy reading her blogs and watching her videos on youtube.  She's very sweet, friendly and humble.  Her videos are pretty unique & informative, like each fairy tales unfolds a new chapters; just like a real storybook that can't be put down.  Anyway this is my first time winning something so amazing through youtube.  This is my very first time trying out Jill Stuart brand.  I've been wanting to purchase this brand but I've been always putting it off cause this brand is pretty pricey and on the high end factor.  Thank You Celina for hosting this giveaway.  Here's a pic that I shot through via on my phone.

The items that I got are: 
  • Jill Stuart - Mix Blush Compact 
  • Jill Stuart - Lip Gloss
  • Jill Stuart - Illuminance Eyes 
  • Jill Stuart - Eyeliner Brush
  • Jill Stuart - Lasting Gel Eyeliner 
  • Jill Stuart - Lipstick 
More review to come on this!  

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