Fishtail Braid Hair Style

Today post isn't about makeups at all, this post is about braiding hair post.  Anyway, I wish when I was younger I had more time to play with my hair. I wish I could braid better. Most of my teenage years I had short hair because I wasn't allow to grow my hair long. I don't know why, but I missed out my long hair days when I was younger. Now being at 33; I grew my hair out and now trying to learn how to braid isn't easy to learn. So today I braid a fishtail braid after watching some youtube tutorials. At first I didn't get it but after watching it several times I got the hang of it.  Also I realize that my hair is coarse and curly it's harder in recreating this braid.  I must either damp my hair first or straighten it to get a tighter tail look. Otherwise as you can see in the pic it's loose and looks messy.  Nothing fancy and also my hair runs pretty coarse. I wish I had thinner hair.

What do you think for my first attempt?

Hope you enjoy this post.

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