More Naruko Haul

Recently I got the opportunity to visit their Naruko base shop in Flushing, New York.  The store is nicely designed with their lovely Naruko logo design.  As for the inside interior the walls are nicely painted purple just like the same color of their bottles being displayed on the selves.  The shop itself is small but their products are nicely organized and you can try their test samples on the selves.  I didn't spend a lot of time there because I narrowed down what I wanted to purchase.  

I purchased their:
  • Naruko AMPM A30 Pore Minimizing 
  • Rose & Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Hydrator 
The first item that I got is the Naruko AMPM A30 Pore Minimizing.  I notice that I have a lot of open pores on my t-zone area and so purchasing this can help me minimize my pores. I haven't notice a drastic change after applying this cream on top of my forehead, but I did see a drastic change on my nose.  I see that my pores on my nose are clearer, smaller and more refine than before.  I personally think this cream is worth the investment if you suffer from enlarged pores.  But either way it's hard to tell cause I just started using it, so I'll try to do another post within a month to give you a full depth result about this product.

The second item I purchased is the Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Hydrator.  I brought this because this can help me restore my dull and dry face.  I love the rose smell of this and it feels very refreshing when applying it over my face.  Again I can't conclude if this is working for me yet cause I'm just starting this product out recently.

The sales lady is really nice and helpful and after my purchase I got a generous small size sample of the Magnolia face jelly and eye cream.

If you ever do plan to visit the Naruko Store here is the info:

Naruko N.Y (retail location)
136-20 Roosevelt Ave#231
Flushing, NY 11354

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No Updates

I notice I have been lacking on my post.  There are some things I wish I don't have to disclose of, because it is a personal matter I'm currently dealing with at this moment. Hopefully I'll return back when I have the time to write.  I wish I have more time to write freely; however, it's been really stressful on finding that right time to write these days.  I'll try to do a drugstore post look of the dupe that I recently discovered.

Also I did a bit of a haul, more Naruko haul that I got recently at their  New York base store.  Will give you a review post of the products that I got, so stay tune.

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Scent of a Woman Look

I've been recently watching Korean Drama non-stop.  It's my of my favorite thing to do just to pass time when I have a long day after watching my little one.  Recently I've been catching up this new series called Scent of a Woman starring Kim Sun Ah, my favorite actress of all time.  She's pretty and funny as well, most of her dramas are romantic comedy, but this new series is a bit touching.  She plays has a protagonist character and finds out that she has 6 months to live due to an incurable disease.  She decided to live her last 6 months freely and indulge on certain things she wanted for a long time.  Along the story line, she coincidentally find her true love while she was vacationing at the same resort.  You must watch this series it's that good!

I love her new make over change and so I recreated a look of her.  For this look she went on a vacation and majority of her looks, she puts on very minimal makeup.  She kept her look very nice and simple. I love it when she put her hair up and down. Her curly hair makes it look so romantic in this series.  Here are some of the pics that I capture of myself.  I wish I had a flower head band and bangs to recreate the same look exactly like her.  For this look I curled my hair just to look like hers.

All about hair Part II

The last time I blogged about hair was a little over a year ago.  Now finally my hair has gotten so long I decided to finally decided to get it perm.  I want to go for change and I can't wait for that new change.  After my last makeup tutorial attempt post of curling my hair, I have gotten a lot of complements that I look nice in curls.  I decided on getting a Japanese perm because it helps me save that extra time of redoing my curls each morning.   I heard it's not require to put so much effort into styling your hair once it's perm, so I like to go for that route.  Less styling, less maintenance is the whole ideal thing I love the most without putting so much effort and looking good at the same time.  My current hair style is straight, long and dull without doing any pampering to my hair almost 6 months.  I can't wait to show you my after shot.  The only thing is the price wise is an ouch, but this is my first time doing this.  I can't wait for the outcome and hope it turns out well.  Will continue part III and will give you a thorough process of my new hair look.

Anyway here is my before look of my hair.  Like I said before it's straight, dull and long and in 6 months time frame I didn't do any pampering to my hair at all.   I look like a hot mess!

I posted two images of some of the outcomes that I would like my hair to be perm.

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The Wet n Wild Giveaway Winner is:

Hi everyone, thanks for those who enter my giveaway. I will surely have more giveaways in the future. The winner for Wet 'n' Wild Go For The Gold Summer 2011 Limited Edition is Rinny.

Rinny you'll be contact via e-mail.  Thanks again for those who enter.

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