New BB Cream

I finally got my first BB cream to try out.  I was debating if I should purchase the Dr. Jart BB cream through Sephora, however, I heard a lot of bad reviews that it doesn't have a strong coverage. I decided to purchase one of the Korean brands called SKIN79 Super Blemish Balm BB Cream VIP Gold Collection through Amazon.  I got this at a great deal and with my $5 dollar off swagbucks, I paid only $8 something for a 1.33 oz.
I haven't tested out yet, but I will try it some time soon.  I did a swatch test and it felt that the texture is a bit thicker than a normal foundation would.  Also I'm not too crazy of the grey cast that it contains and it took me awhile to blend in the BB cream. This is how the packaging looks like, it comes in a gold box.  The foundation comes in a small cylinder jar and on the top it has a pump where you  can dispense the BB cream.  I didn't do a thorough research on this, but was highly recommend through a friend of mine.  Here is a small pea size sample of what it looks like, unfortunately BB cream doesn't come in many shades.  BB creams is more gear to people who are light skin.

Anyway what do you personally think of BB creams?

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Basic Foundation 101

In this post I will personally give you some of my advice and tips when shopping for a good foundations.  There are many times that I have invested on wrong foundations and regretted of buying it because I didn't know what to look for.  I thought the thicker coverage it has the better coverage it gives me.  I then realized that the thicker foundation I put on my face makes me feel greasy and it can clogs my pores, which tends for me to break out even more. As time progress I have tried variety of foundations and I feel I have some knowledge and understanding what to look for now.  Personally I like to invest on a higher quality brand on foundations oppose to a drug store brands.   The reasons why I like higher brand foundations is because I get variety control when picking out a foundation that cater to my personal liking.

Looking for a right Foundation 101:
  • Testing out textures of the foundation to see if you like the coverage.  
  • Ask yourself is this too heavy or too light? 
  • Always find the suitable shade that matches to your skin tone.  
  • Make sure that it indicates if it's hydrating, oil free, normal or good for all skin types, which gives you an idea what skin type you have.  
  • Look at the foundation tones, do some swatches.  Check if there's any hints of orange, pink or neutral tones to this foundations and decide which one matches you the best.   
  • I personally like to buy pink or neutral tones foundation, because I'm a lighter shade or I'm a NC25 and I think orange or yellow hint foundation doesn't suit me too well.
  • Does the foundation break you out?  If so then I suggest that you'll return it and find something else that works with you. 
  • SPF or no SPF?  I think it's crucial to get one foundation that contain SPF, if you are mostly going to be outdoors to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  
    I hope this conclude some of the tips I provided for you in finding a good foundation and good luck.  Have any good and better tips on searching for a good foundation, please comment below.

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    Beauty Blender Review

    I purchased the Beauty Blender for awhile, but never got the chance to get around to it.  Today I finally decided to put this egg shape form to good use.  First thing I did was to wash the beautyblender with baby body wash and then squeeze out the excess water.  After soaking the beautyblender the little pink egg form shape expand double the original size.  I preferably like to apply my tint moisturizer to the beautyblender when it's a bit moist, so I can get a good and clean coverage.

    I squeezed a pea size amount of tinted moisturizer on top of one of my hand and dabbed with a beautyblender and start covering part of my face.  I really like the coverage a lot, a little dab of my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer helped cover some of the harder spots that I couldn't get to; like near side of my nose and under my dark circles.  I purchased this beautyblender at Duane Reade and they have up-scaled their stores that sells top beauty products like Becca Cosmetics and more.  This beautyblender retails for $19.99 at Duane Reade

    • Helps me start off with a clean and fresh natural look
    • Good coverage of the harder areas I couldn't get to, like side of my nose and under my dark circles.
    • Provide a natural finish and helped me reduce my red blemishes 
    Here are some of before and after pics of me.  Please pardon my messy look cause I've been breaking out again.

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    I just want to inform you that there's a L'OCCITANE FREE MINI FACIAL EVENT on June 2nd - 5th, 2011. They are introducing the Angelica Nature's Instant Radiance Boost line that provide you with a mini facial along with a complimentary goodie bag. I went to this event in May and received my complimentary bag.

    The complimentary goodie bag I received are:
    • Fluers Se Cerisier Cherry Blossom hand cream 
    • Shampooing shampoo
    • Savon Extra-Doux Lavande - Lavender Extra-Gentle Soap
    I'm not exactly sure what you will exactly receive, but it's well worth the time to get a mini facial and no purchase necessary for receiving the complimentary goodie bag after your mini facial.  Bring a friend! Just be sure to call and RSVP your appointment at your participating location. Here is the link for the locations that is participating this event. Have fun!

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