Darkness False Eyelashes

In this post I will be posting about Darkness False Eyelashes.  I'm not the type to use false eyelashes and I'm no expert in applying falsie to my daily makeup routine.  I'm a makeup addict but not a makeup expert yet,  I still have a very long way on learning these little tips and tricks.  In those two rare special occasion I had used false eyelashes at my own wedding and my friend's wedding.  I have never applied false lashes on my own before, I let the professional makeup artist to do it for me.  Applying false eyelashes on myself is like waiting for a disaster to happen. 

But I'm intrigue in learning to apply False Eyelashes on myself one day on my own. So recently I went on a little mini splurge and got some of these falsie called Darkness False Eyelashes at my local Asian beauty store.  I didn't do any research of which brands are better, but I saw a lot of people been using these Darkness brand on blogs and on youtube.  I'm not even familiar of differentiating the size of the lashes, so I got a few different sizes just to play around with it.  The ones that I got comes in two pairs a set and usually these cost $5 dollars for a box.  Since there's a promotion, so I went ahead and brought 3 boxes for $10 dollars, which is total of 6 pairs of eyelashes.  I can't wait to try these out just to play around with these when I have time in the near future. 

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