Christian Dior Shadow Palette

I caved in and decided to purchase Christian Dior Eyeshadow Palette.  I see a lot of beauty blogger raving how pretty these shades are and I totally agree with them.  I really like the fine sparkles & shimmery pigmentation that this palette contain. It also makes this palette a perfect on a go when traveling.  The palette that I got is called 809 Petal Shine.  This quad shades are very soft and settling, which makes a perfect combo for this Spring 2011 look.  I see that the purple and pink eye-shades are coming back in and I'm really looking forward for this soft look on myself.  I must remind myself to take more FOTD pics.

Anyway here are some images of this quad: 

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Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara Part II

In my prior post that I recently posted, I purchased this Mascara called Fairydrops Scandal Queen. This will be my second review of personally testing this.  I really like the texture of this Mascara and it doesn't feel gunky and clumpy at all when applying.   As I stated, the 3 puff fibrous wand work wonders that provides a good sweep to every one of your lashes.  Here I took some pics at different angles that you can see how long my lashes are before and after shots.  I also realized when taking this Mascara off, it easy to clean off without so much effort in rubbing your eyes.  Any good eye makeup remover would easily remove this mascara.  This is currently available at Sephora retailing about $24 dollars.  Hope you enjoy this review and Happy Valentine's Day!

Without the Mascara, plus I have extremely short lashes

Using my camera, I try to take this at different angles.

Rimmel London Glam Eye Shadow Quad

In my prior post I mentioned that I got these Rimmel London Glam Eye Shadow Quads.   I finally received my package a few days ago and haven't had the time to play with it until today.  My personal thoughts on these quads aren't what I expected.  These quads doesn't have a strong hold of pigmentation and felt very chalky and hard to blend in with other shades.  I actually wanted to do some swatches, however, the coverage of these shadows are so minimal it barely shows up on photos.  But for those who likes minimal light coverage and always on a go, it's doesn't look bad at all.   Due to the quad that I chose didn't look great on me but made me appear very sleepy.  Here is a sleepy shot that I took using Smoky Purple and hope you see the quality of it.  The only thing that I really like is that the packaging and the crown motif logo looks amazing.

Anyway on a side note in process to upgrade to a new camera and hopefully take more pics of swatches, FOTD shots and more in the long run.

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Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara

Sorry for the lack of update of reviews. Recently I got infected with the pink eye & having a cold isn't helping much either. Today I went to Sephora and asked if they had the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara, retailing at $24 dollars and went ahead a purchase this.

Personally, I'm not a really big fan on using mascara and don't have the tendency to wear mascara on a daily basis. After watching frmheadtotoe review about this Mascara called Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara I was tempted to try this out. It stated on the box that this Mascara holds and give you luscious curls all day long. This is a Japan best selling mascara, which was created by a Japanese TV Personality, Aya Yashuda. I really like the 3 puff fibrous wand in an arch shape that comes in this package that provides a good sweep to each and every one of your lashes.  Will try this out and let your know the results in my another review.  Stay Tune!

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I wish I was more motivated to do a Chinese New Year FOTD look, unfortunately my face isn't cooperating after due to a big zit that I popped.  The zit that I popped made it worst and it irritated my face by making it even drier than before. I'm trying consistently applying some medication on my face to let it heal properly, therefore, I haven't been using makeups for the past few days.

On some brighter makeup hauls news, I recently purchased some of these Rimmel London Glam Eye Shadow Quad with an additional $3.50 off with any $10 dollar purchase at I took the opportunity to buy 3 palettes because the shades looks so pretty and I heard a lot of raves about this.

The palettes that I got are:
Some how the purple shades are a come back for this Spring time look and additionally I don't have a lot of purple shades.  I'm looking forward what Spring 2011 make up are coming out soon. Anyway will provide more review on these quads once I receive them.  Again hope everyone of a good prosperous and a healthy Rabbit or Cat year.

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