I ♥ Freebies

It wasn't expected and I'm so happy I received free beauty stuff today. Always love to find freebies stuff when it is the least expected. So today I took my daughter out to school and realized that I had to stop by my MIL's place to pick up my cell phone charger that I left at their place two previous nights.

After picking my charger up, I decided to window shop by Sephora to see what they have.  Along the way I saw Bare Escentuals little mini truck car parked right in front of Sephora.  There were just setting up and weren't ready, so I hopped in the Sephora store first to try out some concealers and left the place without getting anything.  Once I walked out,  a girl was handing Bare Escentuals samples. I ended up getting two samples of their Rose Radiance and a Prime Time foundation primer.  Here's the picture of what I received and a the color swatch of it.  A bit pigmented but if you tap off the excessive power it gives you a nice pinkish finish glow on your face.  

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