Sigmax Review Part II

I took the opportunity to wash these brushes and tested them out. I'm really impressed after my first washing the brushes still remains and there were no shedding at all during the washing process.

Sigma F82
Next day I used the Sigma F82 and used with my Dior Foundation with 2 pumps I got a good coverage on my face by using a circular motion on my face. I also continued using the same brush again for concealing my unwanted blemishes and dark circles.   I really enjoy using these brushes, they are simply very soft when it runs through my face without any irritation at all.  Also I like how these brushes can be multiple functions at the same time, instead of picking up individual brushes.  These brushes can be a time saver when you are rushing out of the house. 

Sigmax Brushes

I know I'm bad, I took the plunge and decided to get the Sigmax brushes with 10% of my order.  I need a good foundation brush that helps me give me a flawless look.  I know that some of the foundations that I used wasn't giving me an airbrush finish.  Without the proper tools, it's been making my face looks kind of messy and oily at times.  Also I've been having a love and hate relationship battle with some of the foundations I've been using so far probably because I didn't use a good brush or a sponge. I love how soft these brushes runs through my fingers and I can't wait to try them out after giving them a good cleaning.  Will provide more reviews soon, so stay tune.

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Jill Stuart Giveaway at Makeup and Life

Lisa from kindly enough to host a Jill Stuart giveawayAll you have to do is to guess when is her cat's birthday is and be sure to follow her guideline rules before submitting your entry and Good Luck!

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Good luck and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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Sephora Hauls + $15 Off Gift Card

In my prior post I mentioned that I received a $15 off gift card from Sephora and I have used to get two items over the weekend. I didn't spend a lot of time there and only got two items. One item that I got was the Caudalie Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème. I really like this cream, it's been helping my face to stay hydrated during this cold winter days.  What I like about this product is that it contain grape seeds extracts and it's a natural moisturizer that doesn't contain any hazardous chemicals like Parabens.

Second item that I got is the L'Occitane Lavender Harvest Hand Cream, since my hands has been getting dry.  I'm really enjoying these two products so far and I'm glad that I invested on facial and hand products to protect myself from this brutal cold winter.  Hope you enjoy this mini review and hopefully I have more products to review in the upcoming days.

What kind of items do you invest in when your skin gets drier?

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My Perfect Imperfections

Instead of doing a video, I'm just going to list 3 of my feature dislikes and likes.  As growing up I struggled with my looks and blending in during in high school was extremely hard.  I was mostly know as the quiet and unnoticeable invisible girl.  I was extremely introvert and was mostly to myself most of the time while living with my Aunt in Houston, Texas.

I could write a book of my imperfections, but it comes to a point that I learn to love myself and accept of who I am instead of what I can't be.  I love one of Christina Aguilera song called, "Beautiful,  I am beautiful no matter what they say, words can't bring me down."

Here is 3 feature dislikes about myself: 
  1. I have stained yellow teeth, my teeth are extremely sensitive to anything I eat and drink.  I need to get it whiten when I go see my dentist soon.
  2. I have a scar on my right thigh that is shape of the United States map.  I had a car accident when I was young, so whenever I wear a short pants when I was younger some of my classmates look at me in a grotesque way and think I'm some sort of a freak.
  3. Lastly, I don't like my height, I stand at 4'11 I'm pretty short.  I always wish I could be taller.  I'm always jealous that my brother is taller than me.  He should give me some of his height.  
Here is 3 feature likes about myself: 
  1. I like my natural hazel brown eyes, they are really light and noticeable.  A lot of people look at me and say that I have really light brown eyes. 
  2. I like my skin, I don't have bad break outs which is pretty good.  
  3. I'm not sure if this qualify as a like, but I always have this hate & like relationship of my mole.  I have a mole on right side of my face and in Chinese beliefs this mole makes sure even if I'm poor or rich, I will be at least well fed or this is my signature Cindy Crawford look.
What are some of your perfect imperfections?

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What Am I Thankful for?

For this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for having a wonderful family and waking up every morning seeing my daughter sleeping peacefully next to me. =) Hope everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope this Thanksgiving may your heart fill with thankfulness and kindness to one another. A good thanks comes a long way and fills your heart with warmness.

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Intense Black Eyeliner Look

I'm starting to like intense black eyeliners, I like the black eyeliner helps me pop out my eyes 10 times the normal size. I really like this edgy look, that gives me an attitude vibe.  I actually want to wing it a bit further but decided not to.  I want it be natural edgy without putting a lot of the effort to create the wing look today.  As for this look, I finally used my Dior Foundation and see how flawless it is that covers my imperfection scars from my pimples.  These past few weeks I've been breaking out a lot probably due to stress. 

Dior Nude Natural Glow Foundation Review

A little glimpse of update on my broken leg, it seems like it's been healing.  The bruises starting to finally come out but the pain still remains, which I can tolerate.  I'm an accident prone to anything these days and if I explain what exactly happened you'll be laughing and rolling on the floor. I rather just leave you the mystery, however; I went to see a Western Chinese doctor to let him rub my leg and the pain was excruciating unbearable pain.  At least he released a lot of my pain out and that the bruises finally showed up and the next feel days I rested my leg. 

Anyway I will do a little review of the Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 that I got over the summer and haven't used until now.  I highly recommend that you should try the Dior Nude Natural Glow foundation for the fall and winter wear cause this foundation was a bit heavy if you use this during the summer time.  I really like the hydration & flawless coverage that this foundation provides on my face; making me feel like I'm 10 times younger.   It gave me a good coverage with only 2 pumps and using a stippling brush; I stippled the foundation on my face that gives me a perfect coverage that last the whole day.

The only thing I didn't really like is that by the mid-day wear your face tends to get oxidize, which makes your face appear lighter.  I remember I tested out several foundations before settling to the one that suits my skin tone which is in Peach #023.  I tried in a darker shade but it didn't settle on right and it makes me appear more orange than my original skintone.

Here's how the bottle looks like, a nice tall glass bottle with a silver capsule with Dior name engraved on it.  Inside has a pumping system which I really like and less messy when you are working with this foundation.

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Bobbi Brown Haul

As of yesterday I went to one of my local Sephora that holds Bobbi Brown stuff and was a bit disappointed when I got to it.   A lot of the stuff on display was a mess and pretty much the things that I wanted was all sold out.  The only thing that I got was the Bobbi Brown concealer corrector.  I wanted to pick up some essential daily useful stuff but it wasn't available at all.  Originally I wanted the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick compact in Rose, I swiped on my hand a few times but I don't really see the pigmentation on my hand.  I'm still hesitating if I should get this or is this a good recommendations that I should get it?   I've been going for my own signature look, instead of putting a lot of eye-shadows.  I simply just draw in my eyes using an eyeliner pencil which helps me pop out more making my eyes appear bigger than it is and that is why I wanted Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and heard good raves about this as well.

Here is the conceal correct that I got in light peach since my skin tone is light:

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Dior Addict Lipsticks Haul

I recently took advantage of the F&F (Family & Friend) Sephora promotion and purchased two Dior Addict lipsticks.  The colors aren't eye popping but yet rather simple and nude shades that I got to replace my Neutrogena Just Whisper because my daughter ruined the lipstick.  I also wanted to get the new Nars Winter Collection blush called Sex Appeal.  However; when I first saw it, it was a beautiful peach and can't wait to tested out.  After swiping it on my arms a few times I don't see any pigmentation at all and was truly disappointed that it wasn't pigmented enough for me.  Then I decided not to get it and save for something else in the long run. 

When I got to the counter, I told one of the sales rep if I get a 20% off my purchase. The sales rep asked me if I have a card for it and said I just heard about the promotion through via websites and since I'm a V.I.B member as well. The manager generously gave me the 20% off at the store and so I saved myself $10 something from it.  I'm pretty happy about the purchase that I made, but still kind of bum out that Sephora has not released Bobbi Brown at the store yet.

Here are the shades that I got and like I said it isn't eye popping or eye catching, it's simple shades just to keep my lips moisturize that's all. I'm not sure why the lipsticks appears to be darker than it is.  Anyway have a good weekend, hope you like this review.

The shades that I got are:
  • Lipcolor: 323 Rose Lingerie
  • Lipcolor: 663 Rose Broderie / Pink Embroidery

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Hey does your website have anything to do with the book Peony in love?

 So this morning someone e-mailed me without leaving their e-mail address back asked me this:
Hey does your website have anything to do with the book Peony in love?
And here is my feedback:  this site doesn't have any correlation to the book called Peony in Love and I'm truly sorry to disappoint you, if you need to find reference on this book please go to the following link to find your sources.   I'm not the young maiden lover called Peony, but in my heart I'm a young lover who is obsessed with make-ups and I'm a make-up addict junkie who don't believe foot binding is sexy.   It just so happens that I like the name and so I decide to purchase this domain name.

I would also have register a domain name called Shanghai sisters, but because of that I didn't register it because I do not have a sister from Shanghai nor I am Shanghainese.  I do recommend to read this book, it's wonderfully written.  It's a touching book that made me shed like a baby at the final chapter of how two sisters migrated from their own homeland to America with so much uncertainties and I bid you a good day.

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Bobbi Brown - Sephora

I'm really excited that Bobbi Brown cosmetics is going to be released at Sephora. Currently Bobbi Brown makeups are being sold online right now and has not been released in stores yet. I asked one of the sales rep at Union Square location in New York City that the makeups will be released on October 23rd or the 25th. I can't wait to see the stuff in person. I heard a lot of good raves that her makeups are the greatest and I read part of a section of her book how to accentuate a good look for Asians.  I can't wait to stock up on some of her stuff since I have remaining balance on my gift card.

Any recommendation what I should get? 

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Paul & Joe Eyeshadow Hauls

I finally received my Paul & Joe Eye-shadows. I'm pretty impressed and love the natural shades of these two palettes that I got.  I like the pigmentation and it looks very natural that settle onto my hazel eyes.  On my prior post I mentioned that I got this at at 50% discount plus $10 off with a promo code.  As for the shipping it took a pretty long time for it to ship, but the packaging was superb. The Paul & Joe packaging is still in neat condition and I'm impress that it didn't get damaged at all.  Will give you a full insight on this palette once I have time to play around with these palettes. 

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Zapzyt Review

In this post I will be reviewing this product called Zapzyt. Zapzyt is a pimple cream that helps you zap pimples.  Normally I don't tend to break out a lot, usually I get about 1 or 2 pimples in a month and so I was surprised that my local drugstore sold this.  I went ahead and brought this. I want to tried it out because I heard great reviews and that it delivers the fastest results of clearing your pimples.  I applied on during the night time and next day I didn't see any results of having my pimple clearing away.  In fact it made my face drier because this cream contain 10% Benzoyl peroxide.  Then I realized that my face was drier, I had to put a stop on using this and go back to my face cleansing routine.  A bit disappointed in this product, but I'll try to give it another chance.

What kind of regiment do you use to help you fight your pimple? 

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I find that concealer is the most important ritual when applying my make-up.  There are days that I would have heavy dark circles and concealer helps me conceal those dark circles to make me look freshen up for the day whenever I go out.  I haven't really research any particular brands that is a perfect for my liking, but the one that I use the most is my Clinique Concealer - all about eyes concealer.

This concealer glides on pretty well and hide my dark circles and red blemishes as well without feeling cakey.  I have went to Sephora and tried out a few other brands before purchasing the Clinique Concealer and felt some of the concealers is too heavy and felt cakey at the same time.  As for the Clinque Concealer that I got, it runs pretty smooth and it's not liquidity.  It comes in a tube and that you can gently pump it out and apply it on your finger tips, which I find it a lot easier for me.  

What kind of concealers do you like?

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Paul & Joe 50% sale at

Recently I booked on my calendar that there was a Paul & Joe 50% sale at, it's a free membership that anyone can sign up for. I'm aware that these make-ups collection is an old collection probably from previous years.  I don't mind if these collections are old, because I'm slowly starting to like to collect Paul & Joe stuff that is discounted.  I picked up some Paul & Joe items since it was 50% off.  I got two eye-shadow palettes and one jar of a pearl powder in Smoke and Mirrors with additional $10 off using their promotional code BEAUTE 10, the code will expire once the sale ends.  Can't wait to receive them and trying this out.  Will give you a full review of the product once I receive it.

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Too Faced Holiday 2010 Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette

I'm excited and can't wait to get the Too Faced Holiday 2010 Enchanted Glamourland Palette.  I'm always sucker in into pretty pastel light tone eyeshadow shades.  This is one of a must get item for me during the winter time. Although I wish I was a bigger fan of Too Faced items, the only item I have from is the Shadow Insurance Eye Primer that was purchased at Sephora awhile ago.  I have returned my Too Faced lipsticks awhile ago, their lipsticks shades wasn't working for me.  I can't wait until winter time comes, usually Sephora have many good make-ups items released during the winter time.

As you can see from the picture, this palette look so pretty.  I really like these pastel and earthy eye-shades tone. I just can't resist not getting this.  I also like the interior and pretty packaging.  I simply can't wait till this palette comes out.  I'm not sure when the exact release date is, but sources say from Rouge Deluxe her website stated that it will release in November 12th in Japan. Will keep you posted for the release day for the US.

Pictures was provided at

What do you think of this palette?  Would you get it? 

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Wedding Day Disaster

I wish I knew more about make-ups for my wedding day. If I had known more about make-up I wouldn't have those boo-boo and epic fail moments.  My wedding day make up was done by a make artist that was provided in those photography studios package that knew nothing about make ups.  Instead of making me pretty & natural looking, she made me look like a different person.  After I got my make-up done from my make-up artist, my cousin said to me that I looked horrible, so my cousin helped me to do my make-up and it turned horrific as well.  I was panicking and I was running out of time and had to delay my wedding for a bit.

The last moment saver was my aunt who brought in her make-up kit that had natural shades in it.  She helped me and saved my epic fail look into something natural and simplistic looking.  I don't exactly remember what I used for that day cause I was already worrying and panicking at the same time.   I should have hired a professional make-up artist or learn more about doing my own make up on my own.  I really regretted hiring some people that I don't know how much professional ability they have in the beginning.  I hate to look back some of my wedding photos and no one should ever be in the same situation as I am.  Here is a nice simple shot of me in my natural make up look that my aunt helped me with and I'm glad she's my lifesaver.

What was the most boo-boo or epic fail moments you have relating to make-ups? 

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Blush Hauls from Forever 21

Recently I went to the new Forever 21 that is located at Times Square, this is one of the huge Forever 21 I been to that has 3 floors.  This store is one of my favorite because it has really nice displays and it's one of the most organized place I've been to.  I didn't even realize that have a make up section until I spotted these gorgeous blush.  The blush is so pretty and it isn't expensive at all.  Each of these blush only cost me $3.80; although, the one in the bottom picture gives me a iridescent glow.  I'm not too crazy of the iridescent glow, which bring a metallic sheen look to my face, plus the smell in the palette wasn't all that great.  But I have to say the palette is pretty though, just look at the flowery motifs. 

The next one that I got is in pink shade and it's not super pigmented as the top one.  It's simple and light and I'll try to use this on my causal days.   Will give you more insight of this once I'll take some FOTD look. 

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Paul & Joe Press Powder

I'm starting to have this obsession with Paul & Joe Cosmetics, because I can't stop slurping on these beautiful packaging that comes with it. I finally received my back-ordered Paul & Joe Press Powder from; although, I haven't tried this out yet. I got the Paul & Joe Lavender Shade 04 Press Powder, from what I read from the site this press powder helps me diminish red blemishes.  I tend to have red blemishes in the morning, which causes uneven skin tone on my face.  In the description of site, it stated that it help brightens all skin tones.  I simply adore the beautiful packaging and the fantastic beautiful debossed motif inside the compact powder.  Look how pretty that is, I'm awing right now. 

 Have you try any Paul & Joe's product yet?

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Rainy Day

It was raining last week and so I decided to do some make up shopping.  I decided to purchase my all time scented perfume call Fresh in Sugar Lemon.  I was contemplating back and forth with Sugar Lemon or Sugar Lychee, but in the end Sugar Lemon won my heart.  I like the tangy and citrus smells that gives me a fresh morning wake.  Every morning before I leave the house I spurt a little of this perfume on my hair to give it a longer lasting than on back of my neck.

Which is your favorite scent or perfume at the moment?    

Another item that I got is NARS blush in Luster,  I kept having a hard time choosing some of these NARS blush.  NARS Luster is an apricot tone, which is pretty warm blush when it is apply, but I realized that it's more for those who are NC30 that works well for them.  I'm a NC20 and believe this blush is extremely too dark for me, so whenever I apply this on it gives me this bronzy glow.  I might have to return this and settle for a lighter color, since my skin is very light tone to begin with. I think I'll settle for orgasm and that probably will be my final decision.

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Do something creative

Each day I try to motivate myself in doing something creative everyday. Whether it's something small or big I tried my best in finishing my creative works.  I know there are times that I put my work to the side and never get around to it, but at least I attempted on doing something creative every day.  It's a slogan- doing something creative everyday that adapted from this site called that I vow myself in doing.  

I'm not a huge jewelry person, but over a year ago I took a one day course on learning how to make jewelry just for fun of it. I like the technique of wire wrapping and all the handy works I can do while I'm watching a movie.  Here's a little glimpse of the bracelet that I made, dedicated to the Disney Cartoon called Alice in the Wonderland.  Took me 2 1/2 weeks to finish this piece but it was fun and hopefully I have more inspiration to do more creative things in the long run. 

What is something that you like to do that is creative everyday?

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Naked Urban Decay Palette

I've been trying to work on my previous hauls review for the past months of June and July. I got some various things at Sephora and never had a chance in reviewing it.  In this post I'll be reviewing my Naked Urban Decay palette.  This is one of very first item that I own something from Urban Decay.  In their previous eye shadow collection sets, I wasn't too keen on the eye-shades colors because some of their eye-shades are too bright for me to pull off.  Since I'm not in my 20's anymore I can't pull off a vibrant color look on my daily basis whenever I'm going out. The Naked palette was something more for me and that has neutral shades that I can work with.  I have to say that this palette is something I really like and that it has a lot of pigmentation with one coat of coverage.  Although I was hesitant in purchasing this at first, but I after hearing a lot good raves about this palette from youtube and blogs, I decided to purchase it. Hopefully whenever I get a chance, I will certainly do a FOTD look and it's been awhile since I have done one.  Here's some pics of the eye-shades that it comes with, it's simple and elegant for an easy or causal day look.

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Paul & Joe Hauls

Recently I discover a new brand from several bloggers, however this brand is not specifically sold at major stores. This cosmetic brand is base in Japan and the make up line is called Paul & Joe Beaute Cosmetics. I simply adore the packaging and the compacts as well.  Luckily I got a chance to try this out and it happens that, an online site base in California that sells this brand with flat shipping rate.   I got only 3 items so far with their 25% off discount at, typically I'm a frugal shopper and like to wait until discounts comes.

The 3 P & J items that I got are:
I was so excited when I got my hands on the blush and I really like the natural tone that brings color to my face.  It brightens my cheeks and without blush my face looks naturally pale majority of the time.  One item that I can't live without is blush.  Even on my bad days that I don't put any foundation on or concealer, I simply use some blush on my cheeks and I'm ready to go out.  The second item that I got is their moisturizing compact foundation, the coverage is so-so, personally I think it dry when I tried on.  I think I need to prime my face first before using this, otherwise wearing it alone is dry or feels cakey on me.  I like the compact a lot, but the foundation just doesn't do anything for me.  The third item that I got is one of their pressed powder - Lavender and haven't receive the item yet, because it is back-ordered.  Will give an insight review of it, I heard the press powder helps brighten up my skin-tone against red blemishes.  I tend to have red and discolor blemishes, so I'm hoping this press powder will help me brighten up my skin-tone.  Anyway hope you enjoyed a mini haul review of P & J and I'm hoping to save my money to buy this brand whenever I travel to Japan.  Will post pictures up soon once I have all my products together.

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Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating

I finally gave in and purchase the Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10. I tested it out many times at Sephora store and decided to stick with it.  I really like the flawless look that leaves on my face, additionally it's very hydrating and long lasting.  The liquid foundation color that I got in is in peach 023. I was switching back and forth with Cameo 022 and was afraid to purchase it because it seems to appear lighter than my actual skin tone.  I finally settle in for the peach because the medium beige was to dark for my complexion.  I personally think this isn't for summer wear because the foundation seems a bit heavier and would recommend to wear it during fall or winter time.  I'm not too fond of wearing heavy foundation during summer time, because my face tend to sweat easily especially when I'm outside.  This is consider a high end brand, retailing at Sephora for $46.

I decided to stick with higher end foundation because you pay for what you get than drug store brands. I tend to have a harder time to find the right shade whenever I get a drugstore brand.  A lot of drugstores that sells foundations they don't have a sample to swatch.  Whenever I return back the stuff that I don't want back to store, the cashier always gives me a hard time returning the item back even when the items are open. 

What made me purchase this foundation was from one of Raeview video who did a review on the Diorskin Foundation Nude vs Forever and was completely sold of getting it.

What do you favor most high end brands or drugstore brands?

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June and July Hauls

Sorry for not updating frequently.  Summer has been generally busy for me with so many outdoor activities.  Anyway I have some June and July Hauls as  I mentioned in my prior post, it was my first time in my life to spend over $100 dollars at Sephora without feeling the guilt trip.  I mean I went and brought some higher end of make up line such as Dior Powder Compact and a Dior Lipstick.  I really like the shades that I got and I'm really satisfied with the products.  I was also contemplating if I should get the Dior foundation, although it gave me a very nice and flawless look.  The foundation gave me such a flawless look that I was debating because aside from being flawless,  I also want my face to stay natural.  I don't want my face to be too perfect, because in my heart I want to look natural and simple.  I do really like this foundation but I highly will see myself not using it often, so I decided not to purchase it maybe in the future.

Here's my haul lists for June and July of the items that I purchased:
  1. DiorSkin Forever Compact Flawless & Moist Extreme Wear Makeup SPF 25 
  2. Dior Addict Lipcolor - in Pink Bustier 863
  3. Nars Blush - in Orgasm 
  4. Benefit Sunday Funday - The New Maggie Collection
  5. Benefit - Stay Don't Stray
  6. Urban Decay - Naked Palette
  8. Shiseido Skincare 1 2 3 White Lucent Brightening 
  9. Shiseisdo Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55 PA+++ Travel Size
These make-up products will keep me occupied for awhile and won't be shopping again like this anytime soon. Will post pics soon on another post entry. 

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MAC’s Rodarte Collection

I'm sure many of you heard that MAC is launching the Rodarte Collection in September.  And I'm sure you are aware of the huge debate that is going around in blogs and make-up forums of how distasteful they name their make-up line collections for this coming fall.  The collection product includes names such as “ghost town,” “factory” and “quincenera."  What kind of inhumane company would even think of these such kinds of names? 

I'm just completely disappointed of the new launch and personally I'm not a big fan of MAC.  I'm appalled that the sisters  duo designers didn't have any compassion or awareness how women in Juarez (a small town in Mexico)  are being tortured, raped and being murdered while they are risking their lives to put food on their tables by supporting their own family.

Even so MAC has submitted an open apology statement and agree to relaunch the collection names and they have decided to start a donation fund.  I still find it unacceptable because the company seems to care more of the launching products more over their ethics beliefs of how they disregard these young women in Juarez being treated firstly.  I also think they should have done some research about this small town before concluding their distasteful names before submitting it to the public.  Secondly I think that the sisters designer should also made a public apology appearance instead of a statement.  Statement doesn't mean anything, it doesn't seem sincere enough because anyone in the company Rodarte could have drafted the statement.

I thought at first that this collection would proceed as part of a charity donation towards to the women who works in Juarez and that the company should raise awareness of how women there are suffering until I did my research a bit deeper.   As for my personal thought, I would say nay to this collection and wouldn't bother to even look at this collection and start rethinking to invest my money somewhere else than MAC cosmetic now.  

Well said in to leave this MAC’s Rodarte Collection
We have to admit, we’re fans of most of MAC’s collection, but the brands collaboration with designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte misses a step. Inspired by a small town in Mexico called Juarez, frequently called the “murder capitol of the world,” the soon-to-be-launched collection includes products with names such as “ghost town,” “factory” and “quincenera.” And here’s where beauty meets bad taste: the town Juarez is known for the hundreds of young women who have been raped and murdered, many on their way to work at local factories. Perhaps all of this would make sense if MAC has set out to raise awareness and funds about the plight of these women, but it did not. And while the brand has issued an apology to those offended by the collection and may even be changing the names upon public pressure, it’s the principle, not the products, that land MAC.’s “Bordertown” shadow at the top of our leave it list.
What do you think of this collection and do you think the Sisters should make a public appearance to apologize so that it'll be more truthful and sincere?

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