Introduction to Peony in Love

Hi and welcome to Peony in Love, makeup tutorial blog. I'm Cynthia who's a makeup addict and a self-starter.  I find it therapeutic when shopping for makeups.  I like to try out different brands of makeups that helps me re-create my youthfulness. I'm born and raised in New York City.  I love the city life by enjoying fine dining, traveling and jogging.

I'm a mother to my two beautiful girls. I'm a SAHM (stay at home mom) and I personally love to cook and create new things for fun.  I will tend to blog about makeups, food recipes, my diy crafts, and my travel expedition adventures.  I hope some of my beauty reviews that I share with you would be helpful to you.  I also hope you'll enjoy reading my post and hope you can find great references to this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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