1930’s Era Look

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time. I wish that there was a time machine where we can experience the different times of Eras. I personally like the 1930's Era, especially the fashion, make up and hairstyle. Here is a make over of myself in the 1930's doing the hairstyle and the make up. Don't laugh I did my best, some people said, it reminds them of watching the movie called Lust Caution. I never watched the movie, but after that they mention it, I would want to watch it because I really like this time period. It just has this romanticism that I'm urging for.

What I did with my hair was curling it and wrapping into circular motion and then pinning it tightly.

Here's a tutorial video from AzaleaTempestDesigns:
  1. 1930s Authentic Wet Set Pin Curl Finger Waves Pt. 1
  2. 1930s Authentic Wet Set Pin Curl Finger Waves Pt. 2
I let my hair pinned up for almost 3 hours to get curly waves. My hair is short, so using a curling iron doesn't work for me. Then I added the final touches with with some make up. I will show you the color version in my next post and explain more in depths of what I used for my eyes, face, and lip.

P.S: Lets do a make-over game. If you were to choose which eras you like, which time would you choose? You can do any eras you like and please post a picture of yourself with the hairstyle and make up.

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