1930's Era - Color Version

Here's the color version of the makeover that I did. I used light make up colors for my eyes, blush and lip. I do not want to put too much color, I really like the light and soft look.

Here is what I did with my face:

  1. Clean face and moisturize - I used Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer
  2. I applied liquid foundation & concealer - Clinque Superbalanced Makeup Foundation / Clinque All About Eyes Concealer
  3. After finishing apply foundation & concealer, I also used Cargo Powder Foundation to give the final finish.
  4. For my eyes, lips and blush - I used Too Faced Glamour To Go 2 Pocket Palette
  5. Finish you eyes with eyeliner - I used Styli-Style Flat Pencil New York 401

In my next post I will post about what is in my makeup bag. Hope you enjoy this mini tutorial.

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