Happy New Year 2017
Beauty Blender Review
Paul & Joe Mix Match Refillable Cheek Review
PRO T.L.S. Mascara, Gel Liner and Brush Review + Tutorial
TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle

My Business Cards

I can't express how ecstatic I was when Juke Box Print was offering free business cards on their Instagram.  I then took the opportunity to design my business card and since I'm a graphic designer I should utilize my skills.  Took me some attempts in designing my business card but here is the final outcome and I'm certainly happy with it.  I decided to create a business card just in case if there's any feature beauty or any events my husband invites me to and it certainly would be better to be professional on it.  Secondly, it would be a great way to expose my site more in the long run.  I hope I will have more time to manage my site and share with you all with more reviews.  Thank you Juke Box Print for providing free business cards.

Also right now I'm hosting a giveaway: Paul and Joe Compact + Blush giveaway, make sure you take the opportunity in entering it and good luck!

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Paul & Joe Compact + Blush Giveaway

My last makeup haul of the year was this Paul and joe makeup blush compact and lipstick case. I couldn't resist I just have to reorder another blush compact refillable because I find it useful. I have used this compact for 3 years wherever I go.  It's small and compact to travel with.  I have used this compact extensively and almost hit pan with one of my refillable blush.  The refillable blush is pigmented that gives you a lovely hint of color to your cheeks. My first giveaway of the New Year, I'm planning on to do a giveaway with 1 Paul and Joe refillable compact + a blush to start you off with my readers.  For those whose entering my giveaway please comment below, which is your favorite blush that you used so far and also add your  twitter/Instagram username info. Currently this Paul and Joe compact case + refillable Blush is open to United States and Canada.  This giveaway will last for a month and good luck! 

You can read my review here: Paul & Joe Mix & Match Refillable Cheek Blush Colors

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Giveaway is open to USA and Canada only and will be closed on January 31, 2017 
The winner will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter and have 48 hours to reply back to me.  Good luck!

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RiRe Eyeshdow Pigment Review

I hope everyone had a great New Year and that you can look forward to a fresh start of the year. In this post, I will be reviewing this brand called RiRe Pigment Eyeshadows.  I never heard of this company but 08 Liter and RiRe provided me these pigment shades for me to try this out and to share my thoughts to my readers.   I really want to expand my makeup horizon by trying more Korean brands.  I never really got the opportunity to look around and plus with my limited makeup shopping today, I just never got the chance to.  Hopefully this year I will start picking up and trying more different beauty products.

The pigments that I got to try are: 
  1. Snow White - Shimmering color caused instinct to protect with transparent white pearl
  2. Gold Clutch - Make deeper richer eyes with gold brown color and glitter pearl
  3. Peach Peach - Peach color making pure and girlish look 
  4. A Pink - Recommend for daily make-up with delicate pearl
  5. Club Burgundy - Make attractive eyes with sexy burgundy color and glamorous pearl 
RiRe Pigment is a loose glitter that can be used alone or on top of eye shadow, face, hair or body. RiRe Pigment comes in 5 beautiful colors:  Snow White  • A PInk •  Peach Peach • Gold Clutch • Club Burgundy

I really like that these shade are earthy and natural, where I can mix around with it.  It's really sparkly and shimmery when you are layering different shades.  It provides a natural look, which isn't overpowering.  I hope you'll get an opportunity to try these wonderful and beautiful RiRe Pigment Shadow as well.

Disclaimer: 08 LITER AND RIRE kindly sent this product for me to try and share my thoughts with my readers.

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year everyone to my blogger readers, I hope you have the best, healthy and prosperous 2017 year ahead.  For this New Year Resolution, I want to to be more positive and set a good example for my family.   I'm trying to stay more focus and hope my daily exercise remain to keep me motivated.  I hope to continue to grow my blog and do more reviews. I know I haven't been more interactive on my blog because having baby 2 has been keeping busy. I hope I'll do some giveaways this coming year.  I hope to grow some more followers on my blog and get to know you more personally.  I'm hoping for a better fresh New Year. I want to continue on loving myself more and enjoy myself more by doing the things I enjoy. Wow, I can't believe that I have blogged for nearly 8 years, looking back this blog has given me great memories I can look upon on.  I know I had some rough patches along the way, but throughout the years I have overcame it.

Some of my recaps highlights that I did in 2016:
  1. I did 5 races this year 
  2. Overcoming my daughter Cleft Palate Surgery 
  3. Got an opportunity to visit Rome and many other cities in Italy + a cruise
  4. Trying different types of restaurants
In Cannes, France

My New Year 2017 Resolution Kickoff:
  • Stay calm and be more positive 
  • Remain and try to do more runs 
  • Hope to do more personal beauty review
  • Try to expand my blog by doing some giveaways 
  • Getting to know you personally  
Older New Years Entries:
Wish you all the best and have a wonderful and safe New Year!

What are some of your New Year Resolutions? 

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Urban Decay Coverage Concealer

It's been awhile that I have done a beauty shopping and review.  I'm excited that I get to shop from Sephora again.  I had $15 e-card from Sephora, so I made an effort to get something that I want.  I realized that I was down on my concealer and finished using my Marc Jacob concealer.  Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to review on Marc Jacob concealer. I really enjoy using the Marc Jacob concealer the coverage was great but the pricing was expensive.  So when I had the opportunity to look for a concealer I had to try to find something reasonable and that it has a good coverage just like Marc Jacob.  I decided to search around and decided to seattle for Urband Decay Naked Skin Weightless Coverage Concealer.

My Impression: 
I have used the Urban Decay coverage concealer a few times and I really enjoy the coverage that provided so far.  The concealer is not too thick and it's weightless that gives me a matte finish.  The only downsize is that the concealer gets dry easily fast, so I have to blend fast using my foundation brush.  The packaging is really nicely package in a clear plastic tube that comes with a sponge applicator.  This concealer contain 5 ml/0.16 fl oz retailing at $28.00 USD

What this product does: 
This concealer from Urban Decay lets you cover imperfections without looking covered up. It’s easily blendable and buildable, giving you even coverage with a luminous, demi-matte finish. Ultra-lightweight, this high-tech liquid formula never settles into fine lines, and it melds on for a no makeup look while full coverage in an instant.

This concealer is enriched with Matrixyl 3000, which contains peptides to support the skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity, and Japanese green tea revitalizes and helps reduce the look of fine lines. It’s infused with Litchiderm™—derived from lychee fruit—which protects against dehydration, while sodium hyaluronate helps the skin attract and retain moisture, resulting in a brighter-looking complexion.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

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Sole Patches Review

The holidays are approaching and with many holiday events sole patches are the way to go.  There are times after wearing my high heels my feet tend to get sore after a long day at a party.  Sole Patches are a thin cushioned patch that sticks onto the ball of your foot and provides great comfort that can last for many hours.  It's painless and provides great support.  If you struggle like I do and wear heels without support, Sole Patches are a life saver.  

About the Product:
Sole Patches are a thin cushioned patch that sticks onto the ball of your foot. The cushioning is made of Poron by Rogers Corporation, a special material that's shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, anti-odor, and has moisture-repelling properties, making it a perfect solution to avoiding having sore feet at the end of the day in uncomfortable shoes!

What does this product:
  • Eliminate the pain and soreness you once felt after walking around uncomfortable shoes. 
  • Prevents feet from sliding forward.
  • Medical-grade adhesive is super durable and will withstand up to 24 hours of wear, giving you the flexibility to change into multiple pairs of shoes. 
  • Make sure foot is clean and dry. 
  • Flex your foot.  This will ensure pad sticks to optimal surface area. 
  • Aim for the ball of your foot, the heel or wherever you find pain/soreness to be problem. OPTIONAL: Stick to shoe for permanent fixation
  • Remove adhesive backing from Sole Patches and apply.
Website: http://solepatches.com

Hope you get to try this Sole Patches and hope it'll eliminate your feet from getting pain and soreness after a long event.
  Disclaimer: Brandbacker & sole patches kindly sent this product for me to try and share my thoughts with my readers. 

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TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle

During Thanksgiving I had an opportunity to try this new place called TsuruTonTan Undon Noodle, located in the heart of Union Square.  This resturant is specialize on their hand made Undon Noodles and I was eager and excited to try this place once it opens.  During the summer time I passed this place a few times while this resturant was doing their renovation.  This place gets very busy and I highly suggest that you should make a reservation before hand. My husband and I started with this Smashed Cucumber Salad, it taste very refreshing and has an excellent crunch after each bite.  Our next appetizer we ordered Tatsuta Fried Chicken, it's nicely fried and the chicken is very juicy.  The bite was just phenomenal and I don't mind ordering another plate of this.  Onto our Undon dishes orders, my husband ordered the Curry Undo, as for myself I ordered the Uni Udon. I tried a few bites of my husband Curry and it was pretty good, especially on a cold winter day it's a perfect udon dish to warm me up.  As for the Uni Udon, I'm not too keen on this dish, wish that they can amplified the uni instead of the udon.  The uni was fresh but personally I think eating this on a hot summer day is better than eating it during the winter time. Also you can extra large your udon without additional charge, but it's eat in only.  I personally and highly recommend this place and I hope any New Yorkers out there gets an opportunity in checking out this place.  I hope I'll return to this place again soon to try other stuff.



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