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Lavender Festival

Recently my family and I took a trip to this event called Lavender Festival in Maryland.  This has always been on my bucket list to visit a Lavender Festival.  Although, I always wanted to visit a whole field of Lavender somewhere in Europe France, but this is close enough. The weather didn't really cooperate for us, it was cloudy but we did manage to take some nice picture. It was very nice and relaxing just to go on a short road trip just to rest up.  Here's some pictures of my family and I, the field simply looks so purple and gorgeous. Unfortunately, my schedule has been so busy that's why I haven't been posting regularly anymore. My oldest daughter is graduating from 5th grade and I can't believe she's growing up super fast. I hope to blog more whenever I have the time around...

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!    

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I know it's been awhile that I have done a beauty review. I've been under the loop on my beauty reviews.  I felt so unmotivated these days.  Anyway recently I've been trying this Korean brand called LAPOTHICELL TONE UP BB CUSHION.  So far I have tried a few times and I really like the coverage, it's very light and breathable coverage. I tend to like the light coverage especially when it's summer time. I can't stand wearing heavy base foundation anymore because I tend to sweat a lot and I like my face to breath.  I also like that it hydrates my skin and the compact has a light smell to it which isn't over powering. This BB CUSHION retails for $32.00 US.

Product Description:
A Sensational Cushion Compact for making your skin brighter and makeup to bright complexion. 

  • An innovative sponge delivers the perfect amount of foundation to create a cleaner complexion. 
  • Long lasting, anti-wrinkle, whitening, perfect cover, moisture control and SPF. 
  • Safe for sensitive skin and does not clog your pores. 
  • Maintain your skin tone with lightweight application and long-lasting wear without a darkening effect.

Disclaimer: LAPOTHICELL and 0.8liter kindly sent this product for me to try & share my thoughts with my readers. 

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My husband and I finally celebrated our 13th Anniversary.  Things at home and our schedules has been hectic so it was a late celebration.  I chose this restaurant called Atoboy because of the excellent reviews they received and I simply love Korean food.  You get to ordered 3 dishes, I started off with BLACK SEA BASS - Spring garlic, Mint, Kiwi,  SQUID - Pork, Shrimp, Salsa verde and PORK JOWL - Barley, Ssamjang, Cipollini Onion.  Meanwhile, my husband ordered SCALLOPS - Jicama, Sea Urchin, Gim, CORN- Taleggio, Bacon, Doenjang and NY STRIP Arugula, Poblano, Wild sesame oil.  Each of the dishes I tried has a refreshing and unique taste, by the second dish I felt full and tried to push through finishing the Pork Jowl dish that I ordered.  I actually love the the Pork Jowl the most the pork belly was so nice and soft and the skin was thin and crispy at the same time.  A very nice causal atmosphere and the staffs are super friendly.  Highly recommend you should check this restaurant out. I felt the food has a very modern feel not like a typical homey traditional Korean food though. 

ATOBOY • 43 E 28TH STREET • NEW YORK, NY • 10016 • 646-476-7217

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My Brooklyn Half Marathon

One of my new year resolution was to do a half marathon one day and now it's checked off on my list.  I have accomplished and so proud in some ways that I have overcome doing a half marathon.  It wasn't easy it was a long struggle and a lot of determination of making my way to the finish line.  I felt I was not prepared for this race, because I didn't train hard enough. 

I felt uneasy during the week as the final days of the race was approaching.  I tried not to over think it and just have a great time and finishing the race was an accomplishment.  As a first timer I shouldn't be too worry of the time as long I crossed the finish line.  I was a bit disappointed with my time but I shouldn't be too hard on myself since this was my first half.  I finished my race total of 3 hours and 14 minutes and I should celebrate with a big feast.  Here's the time I was doing and I know I couldn't keep it at a 13:45 mile per pace but I did what I can. 
  • 5K | 3 miles - 40:00
  • 10K | 6 miles - 1:25:39 
  • 15K | 9 miles - 2:12:14 
  • 20K | 12 miles - 3:03:26 
  • 13 miles = 3:14:50
 I hope to do better if I tend to do a next half marathon...

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W.Lab Sebum Out Peel Off Pack

Hi Friends, I've been out of the beauty loop, but here's a review I'll doing.  I'm currently trying this Korean mask called w.lab sebum out peel off pack, this is my first time trying a peel off mask.  I have to say it's very unique and interesting.  This mask acts as a hair and pore removal.  For those who are a hairy monster like me this is great to use over your face and for those who has a lot of unwanted pores, this mask will remove it effortlessly  I really like refreshing cooling sensation once I put on this mask, it's very nice to unwind while catching up on my Korean dramas.

About the Product:
  • Clean Skin and Lustrous Skin, Catch both. Realize your wish for having the naturally lustrous skin.
  • 100ml
  • This removes old sebum out of pore effortlessly. Removal of the root of old sebum lumps.
Here's some photos that I took while using the mask, after the mask drys off you can start peeling.  Peeling was a bit painful but after the peeling my face looks radiant and fresh.  My face feels my tighter and my hydrated. I hope you get an opportunity to try this.  This retails for $17.99 US

Disclaimer: W.LAB and 0.8liter kindly sent this product for me to try & share my thoughts with my readers. 

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